Star in a Bra

Curvy Kate search for D+ models 2016

Rebecca Savory


  • City: Norwich
  • Bra size before fitting: 30GG
  • Bra size after fitting: 32H

Reason for entering

I love the power of nice, well fitting underwear. When I'm wearing a pretty set I feel sexy, I feel good about myself and even if no one else gets to see it, I know I'm looking pretty damn good under my clothes. All women should feel that way about themselves. I'm not skinny, I'm not toned, but as I've got older I've accepted that. We don't all need to look like stick thin supermodels, we should look like ourselves. I love that curvy girls are being given more opportunities to model these days, personally it inspires me and makes me feel good about myself. I'd love to be the one who made others feel that way.