Star in a Bra

Curvy Kate search for D+ models 2016

We don‘t all look the same, so why should our models?

Variety is the spice of live as they say, so who better to show off our latest ranges than our beautifully diverse customers.

Star in a Bra was born in 2009 because we believe our customers do it best. Bored of the same cookie cutter bodies shown in the media, we wanted to celebrate every BODY. That‘s and You!

We needed a role model, someone who our customers could relate to, so when you’re shopping for Curvy Kate lingerie - you know exactly how it will look and fit your shape too.

Over the years we‘ve built up an army of body-loving ambassadors - ready to shake up the notion of the ’norm‘ and spread some Curvy Kate attitude around the world. Star in a Bra is open to all, no restrictions and no experience necessary - if you can wear our bras - you‘re in!

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